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Exterior03.jpgAre you behind on your house payments? Think you will be foreclosed on and that you have no options? Think again....

In today's economic times there are more and more people who are unfortunately falling behind on their mortgage payments for a variety of reasons (loss of job, illness, divorce, increased living costs etc.) You probably here about all the bank foreclosed homes all over the country and feel helpless. Please Don't!

The first thing everyone should know is that the bank or mortgage company does NOT want your house back. They are in business to make money from lending money and owning hundreds of homes is not in their business plan. It costs a lender $30,000 - $50,000 to fully put a home through the foreclosure process and they will in many cases end up having to sell it for less than what is owed on the mortgage anyway.

So What's the Answer You Ask? Depending on your personal situation there may be several options from renegotiating your mortgage, to the lender agreeing to a temporary stop payments to what we call a "SHORT SALE". A short sale is when the lender agrees to accept less than a full payoff on your mortgage to prevent foreclosure. What does this mean for you? It means you are able to sell your home for current market value and prevent having a foreclosure on your record and many troubles financing in the future. The "Short Sale" allows you to set a reasonable price for your home even if you owe more. It is a WIN WIN! for everyone involved. You do not have to sustain a foreclosure and the lender does not have to spend tens of thousands of dollar foreclosing on a home that they do not want to own anyway.

This is where I can help..... I have completed extensive training to become a "Loss Mitigation Consultant", meaning I can help you through the process. I know what information the bank will require to even consider a short sale, the correct departments and people to talk to to accomplish this etc. It is not as easy as calling your lender and asking for a short sale. If you don't have the correct information and / or it does not reach the correct people it will go ignored and nothing will happen while you get further and further behind on your payments and closer and closer to foreclosure.

If you find yourself in this unfortunate situation please contact me for your FREE consultation and let me help you remedy a potentially disastrous situation. Don't Give Up.....There is Help & Hope!


                                                                                                        Jon Becker

Traverse City Realtor




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