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We are very proud and excited to announce that Jon Becker has won the Century 21 Quality Service Pinnacle Award for 13 years running.  This award is based on actual survey results from Jon's clients and customers with his 2009-2022 results being 97- 100% client satisfaction rating! - Century 21 Northland 





Jon contacted me via US mail regarding the sale of my property. I called him and after 2 or 3 phone discussions I selected him as my realtor. This was my third try at attempting to sell one of the most beautiful properties in the Grand Traverse, MI region. It was obvious from my first conversation with Jon Becker that after two tries, this time I had found a realtor who was mature, serious, intelligent, and willing to do whatever was necessary to sell my beautiful property. My property was difficult to sell because it is protected by a conservation easement and most buyers see this as a significant disadvantage. It was also difficult because the realtor had to be willing to read the easement, understand what he/she read, and then market the property to the right buyer, a buyer who not only saw the disadvantages but one who was open minded enough to recognize the many advantages when elucidated. Jon not only wanted to know my opinion of the right selling price, but he then took the time to research similar properties sold, analyze the earlier appraisal of my property, and also consult with other experts. We then came to a pricing agreement together. We also agreed together that we would be willing to drop the price systematically over time until the property sold. Jon made sure that potential buyers were serious buyers by insisting they prove the ability to pay. I appreciated this because otherwise there would have been a steady stream of sightseeing tours with very few serious candidates. Jon was the right realtor to sell my property. Jon and I didn't always see eye to eye about how to market the property; however, he was mature enough to know when to compromise on a disagreement. The first two attempts were traumatic experiences and complete disasters. Jon got the job done for me, and I will always be grateful for his performance. Because of Jon's high intelligence, analytical mind, and work ethic, I highly recommend him to anyone interested in selling their property.

Dr. Clifford Larkins, Harris Point, Lake Ann, MI













































"To date I have both sold and bought a house using Jon as my realtor. He is extremely knowledgeable and helpful throughout the entire process. As far as I'm concerned I would not use any other realtor and I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a real estate professional. He always has his clients interests at the forefront of his mind, and will work to make sure all your housing needs are met."



We have used Jon for two years now & we are very impressed with him as a Realtor. He keeps us very informed and is fast to respond when we call him. His selling success has been great also, we would highly recommend him. Creekside Properties, Inc. Brent Walton, Pres


Jon, by far, is the best real estate agent I have ever worked with. From our first meeting, all the way until our third anniversary in our home, Jon has been there and available to answer questions or concerns. In fact, recently I just received a postcard from Jon on the third anniversary of the purchase of my home; to me that is going above and beyond. I have and will continue to recommend Jon for all of your real estate needs. I know if I ever want to buy or sell in the future, my first call will be to him!


So I was so inspired by you…..I now am a realtor.  I had my license about 30 years ago and was to young and afraid of all the fees.  So I put my license in escrow and let it lapse.  I just took the 40 hour class again in August and was reinstated.  I am working for Real Estate One in Milford.  Still working my “regular” job because I can’t afford to not eat for a few months or so!  I am loving it though.
How you inspired me was in your professionalism, your communications with me and how you helped us and guided us through the whole process.  Buying or selling a home can be such an emotional thing for people and this was one for me in selling off our cottage that we watched being built and put sweat equity in.  You made me realize that I still wanted to do this and that I want to be sensitive to the needs of buyers and sellers in their transaction.  It can be an exciting process but can also be a sad one.  So far, I am loving it!
Happy New Year to you.




"I have had a few real estate dealings in my time, however none ever began to meet the superior service I received from Jon Becker. He was straight forward and realistic. He took time to listen and understand my needs as a seller. The system he has in place to notify sellers of showings, relay feedback, and his prompt response to phone calls and emails were a welcome change from previous experiences.

I don't believe, I would have ever thought I could enjoy the experience of selling a house, but Jon Becker made it was one. I would never hesitate to refer family and friends to Jon Becker. This was the first time I had done business with Century 21 Northland. I found the entire experience to be fantastic as a whole. I also learned that Century 21 Northland has the reputation of a "hard working organization". I couldn't ask for anything more!

Joan McCormick

Christian Gillman

By the way a call out to our realtor Jon Becker Who sold our house in a week of its listing.
I must say his efficiency and no nonsense approach was awesome, All I's were dotted and all T's crossed.
Having been self employed for so many years myself, his customer first service (reflective of my own.) was the recharge we needed among an increasingly bureaucratic and "Customer who?" world.

It became very apparent quickly why he is on track to sell all his listings of 2014

Thank you Jon.



Jon, You are by far one of the most outstanding salesman I've ever known.  Thank Gary



Jeremy and I just wanted to thank you again for all your help in helping us pick the perfect home! We couldn't have done it without you.
Brooke Elton
Thank you again for everything you have done on the sale of our house.From our first informational meeting before the listing to the closing you were very impressive. Your knowledge about the market, the extensive market analysis and your communication with all of us made it very smooth. You made everything so easy.We have bought and sold homes and dealt with several personalities and real estate agents and it had never gone so smooth and quickly.I really can't say enough about the pleasure of working with you.If we ever need any real estate agent in the future we would certainly call you.Please feel free to contact us if you ever need any reference for a potential client.I really can't believe there was ever a quicker sale on a house.Thanks a million.Pauline
Dear Jon,

Thank you for all of your help in finding this great house! Now I have the not-so-fun project of unpacking. I absolutely love this house, and appreciate all of the feedback you presented during the search that really helped me settle on the perfect home. Being a new resident of Traverse City, I was unfamiliar with the different regions of Grand Traverse County. I really appreciate the input you gave me in helping me to make the best decision for me. I also wanted to let you know that all of the references you gave me were super! Everything from the bank, to the home inspector, to the insurance person...everyone was just as professional, knowledgeable, and prompt in their responses as you were. All of this helped make the closing go effortlessly!

Thank you for making the home purchase experience be a treasured event, rather than a hassle!

Anne Sieggreen 



Hi Jon,

Sue and I wanted to thank you for the services you extended to us in our search for the home we now own, along with the bank of course. You were instrumental in acting so quickly when the house we wanted came available unexpectedly. In two hours, our offer for the house at 1048 Hemingway Lane, Traverse City, MI was accepted without any reservations.

Again, Thank you for your well done job and we might do business again one day if we have an occasion to buy or sell another house.

Here's hoping 2012 will be a good year for all of us, the country could sure use it.

Thank you,

Doug & Sue Hamilton

Jon did double duty for us. He listed our home to be sold, which was accomplished. Through it all Jon was very professional and giving of his time to answer all of the questions that we had. He used all of the avenues available to get our home's information out to the public.We were pleased with all of his efforts.

The first part of this adventure had to be completed before we could do the second, find a new home. That made for a large amount of research for possible houses and a lot of extra time for scheduling and viewing before we finally found the right one. We always had the feeling Jon was there for us and was giving his all to find us our new home.

A simple "Thank you" doesn't seem like enough. Again we can't stress enough all the hard work he did for us. He kept telling us it was all just part of the job. To us it was just "Jon" showing his caring nature and his goal to do his all for his clients.

Again, thanks for all of the effort put forth.

Dot & Ken White

Our almost new log cabin on Lake Superior was up for sale for 3 years. We were relying on the local Realtors to market it for us. We hardly had any showings by them. This past year we decided to try another agency in the area and they did not even show it once!! We were so frustrated because we knew what a beautiful place it was, in a quiet serene area and knew with the right agent it would probably sell. I had been watching Jon Becker's performance with his agency on facebook and voiced my frustration to him, telling him that I wished he was up in our area so he could sell our cabin. He showed an interest in co-listing with a realtor in our general area so that he could market it in his area and help us out. Jon took the initiative to contact select Realtors in our general area and interview them. We selected a realtor 40 miles away to co-list with Jon. Jon took the time out of his busy schedule to come up and meet with the realtor and view our property. He immediately put a marketing pkg. together and placed our listing in the system. Within 30 days we had a buyer!

Thank you Jon, for helping us out and believing in our beautiful property!

Connie and James LaPointe

When purchasing our first new home Jon was great at making sure we understood the entire process. If I had to choose 3 words to describe Jon they would be Transparent, Knowledgeable & Organized! Transparent- there was no hidden agenda, if he know anything we would know! He kept us informed all the time, sometimes multiple times a day and he wanted to make sure we knew every step of the way. Knowledgeable- although we were new at the housing market scene, going through it was a learning process and Jon was so well versed and so up to date on everything in the industry it was impressive and comforting. Come to find out now, after owning our house for 3 months we have realized his strength for knowledge even more! Pretty amazing how someone can keep all the codes, rules, laws, etc straight and know them to a “tee”! Not only know them, but be able to explain them so well that we could understand. Organized- one of my favorite! I thought I was organized… Wow, never once was he unprepared for us! His paper work was in precise order, follow up emails all sorts of times of the day. There is no doubt that he is planning for hours in his office for every client. I can’t talk about Jon without mentioning one other aspect of him as a professional… although he is super professional, understanding, thoughtful and smart…. He is so much FUN too! We enjoyed our time learning about the housing industry and all aspects of purchasing our home and we are so happy Jon Becker was there with us every step of the way! What a great experience for us!

Alison Ockert

Jon proved to be a very trusted and knowledgeable realtor for our purchase in Traverse City.

He knew the local area well and was able to show us properties that met our interest.

He entered us into an auto email system that would alert us if anything went for sale that met our criteria.

His knowledge and persistence helped us find the perfect fit.

Thanks Jon!

We enlisted Jon's support to sell our home in Beulah and were extremely impressed with the marketing materials he prepared and the way he presented our property to potential buyers. Our home sold much quicker than we expected and for a good price. So we then utilized him to help us find our new home which was also a very profitable experience. He found us an almost perfect place in an area we had previously not explored and found it be much better than what we had expected to be able to afford. Jon's follow up on details was fast and efficient. He also did a great job of keeping us informed regarding our listing and the real estate market in general. He is very professional, pleasant to work with and, best of all, got the job done.

Hi Jon

I just want to thank you for the great and wonderful service you have provided for my husband and I in purchasing our new home.

You know I have grown up in a house hold full of real estate professionals as well I worked in the custom home industry for quite some time, however when we found out that we were moving to another state I had no idea how hard it was going to be to find an honest Real Estate Agent.

I have got to tell you. Jon you were the greatest you kept us informed every step, you helped with the every detail even after the deal was closed. I cannot put into words how great it has been working with you. You went above and beyond for us. I realize with us being on the other side of the United States you had to go through the extra hoops to get things done in order for us to be able to purchase the house of our dreams.

Thank you, we could not have done it without you. I have recommended you to everyone I talk to and believe me there are so many people that can't believe the deal we got and it was all because of you and all of your hard work. As well my family members who are also Agents for Century 21 here in Washington State have all commented on the great job you did and have also made sure that you are listed at the top of the C-21 agent referral agents for Michigan area.

I cannot thank you enough. We should be arriving at our new home in the next couple of weeks and are planning to stop by and thank you in person. I look forward to seeing you then.

Kariesue and Brian Schultz
New homeowners in Mesick MI

For those looking for a home Jon is the one to ask for help.  I had been searching for a home of my own (my first) for quite some time before contacting Jon, all the agents I had dealt with before didn’t seem concerned with my sense of urgency to get my home found. Jon was always there when I had questions, always had suggestions on who to call from inspections to mortgage, etc. His competency in his job and his ability to balance the "hand-holding" that I needed was something that comforted me in my decision to choose him as the agent to represent me in my purchase. If you're looking for an agent to help you find the home of your dreams, Jon is the guy for the job.

Thanks for all your help Jon!

Working with Jon Becker and Century 21 was a great experience. They were very helpful in answering all of my questions. This was great because I was a first time home buyer and had no idea all of the concerns, issues, and questions that would come up. Jon was very responsive and always got back to me in a few hours. I would definitely recommend the services of Jon Becker and Century 21 to anyone looking for a home! Even after I found a house and moved in Jon helped me find who the previous owners used for waste removal, Internet, and gave me ideas to help save money. Thanks again for you support and help with the home buying process.

Mike Porter

Jon Becker is an extremely hard working Realtor who invests an immense amount of time and energy into the high quality service he provides his clients. The several unsolicited praises from Jon's current and past clients confirm his abilities to assist and surpass his their needs and expectations in both good times and in stressful ones. I would be proud to recommend Jon to anyone who needs the assistance of a professional full time Realtor.”

Jason Kudary , Broker/Part owner , Century 21 Northland
managed Jon at Century 21 Northland, Traverse City, MI

“Jon and I have worked together on several real estate transactions. I have no hesitation at all giving him a high recommendation. He knows what he is doing and is very attentive to all the details. He really cares about his clients. I absolutely love working with him.” January 12, 2010

Gail, VP-Mortgages , Traverse City State Bank

Our brokerage focuses on a quality versus quantity hiring mentality and I realized after meeting Jon for the first time that he was exactly what we were looking for. His work ethic, knowledge of the local market and superior communication skills help him assist his clients in making sound real estate decisions. Long story short, after meeting with Jon and recruiting him for over 3 years, he now works here and we couldn’t be more excited about working with him. Jon puts his client’s needs first and I would recommend and refer him to a close friend or family member.

Brad Platt
Sales Manager/Owner
Century 21 Northland

Dear Jon,

It is getting very close to finalizing my purchase of a home.

I want you to know that you have been very, very instrumental in arriving at this happy conclusion.As I look back and consider all the time you spent searching for a home that would fill my needs, I am surprised you were able to complete any other tasks.

You were diligent in sending me notices of possibilities in the type of home I was looking for, and in the neighborhood that I desired. I would recommend you very highly to anyone who is seeking a new home in the area.

We have been through some challenging times together. You found me a home that seemed to be perfect, put a lot of time and effort into showing it to me several times, helped me with mortgage work and inspector work, and then I decided it was not the right place for me. This never deterred you. You just kept right on searching.

So, now that I am about to close on my new home, I want to thank you most sincerely for all the expert help and advice you have extended.

Thank you, Jon.

Mark W.

We wanted to Thank you Jon for getting our home sold and for more than list price. For those thinking of selling you really should consider Jon. We tried for months selling the house ourselves and had a few showings but nothing serious.

Jon contacted us and asked to meet with us, view the home and offer his advice and suggestions so we said sure, not intending to list it. Jon took extensive notes and completed a market analysis on our home compete with suggestions and his pricing recommendation. Though the price was lower than we really wanted we could tell Jon had done his homework and knew what he was talking about. After listing we had many showings right away and within 2-3 weeks of listing we had 2 competing offers. Jon requested the highest and best offer from both buyers and we chose the best offer. Thank you Jon- Great Job!

The Sanderson's

It seems like we have known Jon forever. I don't know, it could be because we started searching for a house over a year ago, or more definitely because Jon is such a easy going guy with tons of patience who makes you feel comfortable and heard. Being first time home buyers we did not know what we wanted, where we wanted it or what to expect with the whole process. It was scary and exciting all at the same time! Jon guided us through the whole process, explaining every tiny detail so that we would understand. He had us in his best interest. Jon searched, e-mailed, called, showed until he found the perfect house for us! We have now been living in our new home for over a month and owe a huge thank you to Jon Becker! (We actually didn't want to ever buy a house because then we knew we wouldn't see him that much :) (we are planning to buy some land with his help))!! Jon's friendship and expertise was much appreciated by us both! We look forward to working with Jon again and to referring him to everyone we know!

Thanks Jon!

Jen and Jason

Jon was great to work with, extremely attentive and helped us to maximize our efforts. If anyone is looking for an agent that will go the extra mile... go with Jon.

Jim & Melissa McMahon

July 1, 2008
Being first time home owners, we found it a privilege to have Jon Becker as our realtor. We found Jon by accident, he was listed on a home we looked at and he voluntarily stuck with us to help find the perfect new home. He willingly took it upon himself to find homes in our desired area and price range. Jon Kept us well informed of his findings and helped us along the way. Until we found the home that we now own, Jon worked vigorously to make sure that we got the house we wanted. Upon purchasing our home, there were some problems that occurred and it became very frustrating. Jon handled everything in a timely manner and in a very professional way. Although the problems were out of his and our control, Jon still fought for our best interest. Jon gave us confidence and guidance when it was most needed. He sought out to find what best suited out interests, which lead us to find him very honest and trustworthy.

Jon has given us the home we have wanted along with much credible knowledge that is needed when buying a home. Because this was out very first home purchase, we feel that by working with Jon as our realtor we were given the best opportunity. We will continue to use Jon as our realtor for every future real estate purchase or sale. Jon will be recommended to everyone we know for all of their real estate ventures as well. It is the only step in the right direction! Not only was this a great experience of buying our first home but we also gained a great friend.

BJ Roelofs and Laneah Stachnik


I just want to tell you that we here at Traverse City State Bank Mortgag Department think that you are absolutely AWESOME!!!!!

Gail, Nancy and Amy

Dear Jon,

We want to thank you for your professional attention to our farm and home in Interlochen. It was a long hall, what with the housing market situation, but you worked closely with us from the listing through to the sale and closing. The sales information on the flyers was well done and informative. We were pleased with the advertising in the Traverse magazine too, as well as the 'Open House' presentations. Having sold many other homes, you are certainly the agent that we will refer our friends to.

Larry and Anne N
Interlochen, Mi and Navarre, Fl

Dear Jon:

Merry and I wanted to write and tell you how much we appreciated the time and effort you put into helping us locate a home. You constantly sent us listings for review that were within our price range and locations resulting in many choices for viewing. We appreciated your being available to show us houses, many a substantial distance from your office. Your advice on house quality and design was greatly appreciated and we genuinely appreciated the professional courtesy that you showed us. We would highly recommend you to anyone looking for a new home.

Mark and Merry Resch

Jon, spent a lot of time helping us find the right house. He was great to have on our side and very pleasant to work with. He took us to 14 houses before we found one, and worked very hard right up till closing. We consider Jon to be a great new friend, and if we sell our place, he would be the one we would call.

Thanks for everything Jon.

Pam & Sally

To whom it may concern,

We would highly recommend Jon Becker if you are considering selling your home. Our previous agent did virtually nothing for us, we even had to ask for a sign to be put up on the other side of the house, as our home sat between 2 streets. Within almost no showings or marketing and no offers during the 6 month listing we let it expire frustrated- we had a new home being built that would be done in a few months. Jon contacted us and we kept him at bay for months between a hectic schedule and leery of realtors. Jon politely called and checked in periodically until we decided to meet with him and see what he had to say. Jon had some great advice and marketing ideas so we listed. Within 24 hours we had several showings and 2 offers on our house and it was SOLD! We were in shock - but in a good way and best of all we got it sold in time to not have 2 mortgage payments. We will always recommend Jon to anyone we know!

Dave & Chris


Thank you so much for all your help in finding me a home. We are all moved in and love it! I really appreciate all your patience. Before I found you I had been turned down by 2 other realtors because of my price range. They pretty much told me I would never find what I was looking for in this market. Not only did you treat me with respect, you found me a beautiful home in my price range. I am so grateful for all your kindness in taking me to see so many houses. Being a first time home buyer I had so many questions and you always answered them and explained everything to me. I cannot tell you how much I liked working with you and I will definitely recommend you to everyone I know.

Thank You Again,

Samantha Morales

I have found my home buying experience with Jon Becker to be most enjoyable. Jon is professional, and took the time to find us exactly what we needed in a home. His attention to detail is excellent, and his coordination with the other parties involved made the real estate buying process very easy. I would highly recommend Jon for your choice in realtors, whether you are buying or selling a home.


Dave Gibbons LBSW/CAC 

Hi Jon,

I truly had a great experience with you during the entire listing time. Even though the market was down and times were rough you maintained a positive attitude. You continued to market our cabin and eventually sold it! I would list another property with you in the future if the need arises.

You could show the picture of the cabin if you need to.



I had a spec home that I had previously listed with 2 other real estate agents and it had been on the market for almost a year. To say the least I was frustrated! When my listing expired with my previous agent Jon contacted me and I reluctantly agreed to meet with him. Long story short Jon quickly pointed out to me mistakes on the previous listing, such as the agent had the home listed with a crawl space and it actually has a full walkout basement ( a HUGE error!!!). I agreed to list with Jon and with in 2 weeks had an accepted offer that closed without a hitch. I would highly recommend Jon Becker to anyone to use as their real estate agent.


Jon is a team player! Jon works very hard for all his customers to make their dreams of home ownership a reality. I have had the pleasure of working with Jon and his customers over several years now and he has always shown great pride in his profession and displayed the utmost of professionalism in every transaction we have worked together on. Jon puts exceptional effort into knowing his customers and their needs and making sure that they are receiving his full attention. He is cooperative and available when information or documentation is needed to complete their purchase and mortgage transaction. Jon has always been knowledgeable, pleasant, respectful and prompt in dealing with any of his customers needs. It has always been and I am sure it will continue to be a pleasure working with him to achieve the best in customer service and satisfaction.


Becky Collier, HLC Sales Manager
Traverse City, Mi

It has been my privilege to know Jon Becker for nearly three years. As his previous manager at Century 21 McCoy, I can confirm his genuineness, his aptitude in Real Estate and his concern for all who employ his services. He genuinely has a passion for serving others. I cannot remember one complaint about Jon from anyone in all of the time that Jon worked under my leadership. It is an honor to be able to call Jon, my friend!

David L Burrows
Former Manager Century 21 McCoy

Dear Jon,

I just wanted to take the opportunity to formally thank you for all that you did to make the sale of my house a success. Your professionalism and sound market advice were so greatly appreciated, as were your willingness to personally go over every detail in marketing my house and explain to me all of my options. Your willingness to communicate and personally follow up with me at each step of the process was, I am convinced, a major reason that my house sold so quickly in such a difficult market. I will definitely recommend you to any of my family or friends seeking to buy or sell property. Thank you for making what could have been a very stressful experience so easy.


Leslie Suitor

We wanted to take a moment to thank Jon for getting out homes sold so efficiently. After trying for a while For Sale By Owner Jon called us and met with us regarding marketing our homes (2) right next door to each other. Jon was very knowledgeable and was not high pressure so we felt comfortable. After a day or so of considering Jon's proposed marketing plan and pricing we agreed to list. Unbelievably to us within 24 hours Jon brought us offers on both homes , we accepted and closed on both sales within a month. Great Job Jon and Thank you!

The Johnson's
Grand Traverse Area Real Estate - Traverse City Real Estate