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Client Success Stories
Our almost new log cabin on Lake Superior was up for sale for 3 years. We were relying on the local Realtors to market it for us. We hardly had any showings by them. This past year we decided to try another agency in the area and they did not even show it once!! We were so frustrated because we knew what a beautiful place it was, in a quiet serene area and knew with the right agent it would probably sell. I had been watching Jon Becker's performance with his agency on facebook and voiced my frustration to him, telling him that I wished he was up in our area so he could sell our cabin. He showed an interest in co-listing with a realtor in our general area so that he could market it in his area and help us out. Jon took the initiative to contact select Realtors in our general area and interview them. We selected a realtor 40 miles away to co-list with Jon. Jon took the time out of his busy schedule to come up and meet with the realtor and view our property. He immediately put a marketing pkg. together and placed our listing in the system. Within 30 days we had a buyer! Thank you Jon, for helping us out and believing in our beautiful property!
Connie and James LaPointe

When purchasing our first new home Jon was great at making sure we understood the entire process. If I had to choose 3 words to describe Jon they would be Transparent, Knowledgeable & Organized! Transparent- there was no hidden agenda, if he know anything we would know! He kept us informed all the time, sometimes multiple times a day and he wanted to make sure we knew every step of the way. Knowledgeable- although we were new at the housing market scene, going through it was a learning process and Jon was so well versed and so up to date on everything in the industry it was impressive and comforting. Come to find out now, after owning our house for 3 months we have realized his strength for knowledge even more! Pretty amazing how someone can keep all the codes, rules, laws, etc straight and know them to a “tee”! Not only know them, but be able to explain them so well that we could understand. Organized- one of my favorite! I thought I was organized…. Wow, never once was he unprepared for us! His paper work was in precise order, follow up emails all sorts of times of the day. There is no doubt that he is planning for hours in his office for every client. I can’t talk about Jon without mentioning one other aspect of him as a professional… although he is super professional, understanding, thoughtful and smart…. He is so much FUN too! We enjoyed our time learning about the housing industry and all aspects of purchasing our home and we are so happy Jon Becker was there with us every step of the way! What a great experience for us!

Alison Ockert

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Posted: Friday, December 16, 2011 4:41 PM by Jon Becker


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