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Sellers: Do you qualify to SAVE on Michigan state transfer tax?
The following Q&A was authored by Brian Westrin, Manager of Legal Affairs, MAR.

You may recall reading in past MAR publications that in April of 2008 Attorney General Mike Cox issued a very helpful opinion aimed specifically at clarifying the proper application of Michigan Transfer Tax exemption “t”. While this particular exemption has been on the books since the Act was signed into law, the opinion by Attorney General Cox gave heft and some much needed clarity regarding its usefulness in the current marketplace. With a struggling marketplace and declining values hitting Michigan hard, exemption “t” sets forth that a seller may seek the exemption from paying the state transfer tax if all of the following criteria are met:
  1. The property must have been occupied as a principle residence, classified as homestead property;
  2. The property’s State Equalized Value (“SEV”) for the calendar year in which the transfer is made must be less than or equal to the property’s SEV for the calendar year in which the transferor acquired the property; and
  3. The property cannot be transferred for consideration exceeding its true cash value for the year of the transfer. The Attorney General noted that the exemption was certainly more applicable to transactions in the current marketplace. However, there are certainly dangers inherent in claiming the exemption without careful consideration of meeting all the qualifications. A claim for the exemption that fails to meet all three criteria above could bring a penalty equal to 20% of the tax assessed in addition to the tax due.
While the criteria may seem straightforward enough, many questions from members have shown that grey areas do exist.
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Posted: Thursday, February 24, 2011 4:33 PM by Jon Becker


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